Selling Namikawa’s Shippoyaki 【Ginza Shinseido】

We are selling Shippoyaki made by master craftsmen of Meiji period, namely Yasuyuki Namikawa and Sosuke Namikawa. We have many kinds of Shippoyaki such as plates and vases, as well as bottles of perfume with beautiful drawings of flowers and butterflies. Please send any inquires regarding prices and any other information about our products to us through the inquires form on our website. If you are looking for the store to get Shippoyaki, please use 【Ginza Shinseido】’s service.

七宝 焼 Japanese Cloisonne

Japanese Cloisonne which were made during Meiji period are great works of metalcraft, they have very detailed craftwork in which master craftsmen skilfully make patterns using lines of gold, silver and brass. Because of the Meiji government’s instruction, so many Japanese Cloisonne were being exported in order to receive international currencies.

浮世 絵Ukiyoe

Ukiyoe were popular as an artwork between the late 17th century and the beginning of 20th century. Ukiyoe encapsulates elements of both entertainment and communication exchange, like current day media, so ukiyoe were artworks that were very close to people. We will share the attractiveness of ukiyoe, which have many different backgrounds, by having a large variety of ukiyoe, all in good condition and of high quality.

名工が作品が多数There are many works made by master craftsmen.

We have many works made by Meiji period’s master craftsmen, such as Yasuyuki Namikawa, Sosuke Namikawa and Kodenji Hayashi. We well help you to attain a high quality and beautiful piece of artwork. Please come and visit Ginza Shinseido. We promise that you will find an amazing piece of artwork.

Meiji period Shippoyaki, Ukiyoe specialized shop, Ginza Shinseido

We have many artworks made by some master craftsmen of Meiji period, Yasuyuki Namikawa and Sosuke Namikawa. It is difficult to find these cultural master pieces in Japan because they are rare. Please take your time and browse our great products. We also buyback cultural artworks.

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並河七宝をお探しでしたら、東京にある明治期七宝・浮世絵の販売店【銀座 真生堂】をご利用下さい。明治期の七宝は、現代技術でも再現が出来ないほど緻密で鮮やかなデザインが魅力です。ほとんどが海外へ輸出されていて、日本国内に残る作品は極僅かしかありません。
しかし【銀座 真生堂】では、海外から仕入れて販売しているため、これまで入手が難しかった作品と出会うことが出来ます。黒の表現と透明感ある色彩が独創的な並河靖之の花瓶、柔らかな絵画的表現が特徴の濤川惣助のなど、名工の作品を数多く取り揃えていますので、是非一度足をお運び下さい。

七宝焼の販売を行う【銀座 真生堂】について

会社名 真生堂
住所 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5丁目1番先 銀座ファイブ 2F